Four seasons in one day…

What a difference a day makes. Above us, only yesterday. Below us, well… the one on the left was while we were out, and the one on the right about five minutes after we got in! That’s the road outside my window… The delights of living in a liminal place between the waters of the Severn and the hills of the Cotswolds.

In the current cost of living and energy crisis, there’s a lot to be said for leaving the heating off if you can (some cannot, and winter is a harsh season, and for those in war torn Ukraine my words fail). After yesterday’s delightful sunshine we’re doing what we can to stay comfortable… and there’s so much to be said for pumpkin and mushroom soup, and a couple of old festival ponchoes…

No-one said you had to be mad to live here, but…

2 responses to “Four seasons in one day…”

  1. You two look wonderful.

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    1. You are very kind. I smile. The picture was taken earlier today for fun and to send the family, but I also thought we looked ok and decided a small addition to the page wouldn’t go amiss. Having said that, I’m still wearing it and the heating’s still off and I’m warm as toast. 🙂

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