Today, through my lens

You might know already that I have maintained a daily photojournal at Blipfoto for several years, and generally find one decent photograph to accompany the meandering waffle with which I diarise my day. Today, there were simply too many for one journal! So I thought I might put them here, and maybe I might even do more of these, using the same title, “Today, through my lens.” As ever, photographs are reduced resolution for web site viewing and you do lose a little detail…

Today on our walk along the Kennet and Avon Canal, we saw not one, not two, but three kingfishers!
This one, you might realise, is shaking water fromn his head feathers prior to flying off for another (failed) try.
This one would have been fantastic if not for the foliage on this side of the river getting in the way…
It’s an enviable low carbon lifestyle with your pretty (stored) vertical wind turbine – until you start the diesel!
On the other hand, you can take the low carbon lifestyle too far! Or maybe the diesel’s run out…
A bit far away even for the 600mm lens; a kestrel catches sight of movement.

It would be good to get feedback. If you’ve scrolled this far why not write something at the bottom so I know I’m not just talking to myself. Like they say on all the corporate websites… don’t forget to click subscribe! LOL

7 responses to “Today, through my lens”

  1. It’s not an enviable low carbon lifestyle, not at this time of year. It’s a floating laundry nightmare 🙂

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    1. OK, I admit I smiled, thinking about you when I typed that. 🙂
      I wonder, if we all went off grid, whether it would be better or far far worse for the environment…

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  2. The photos of the kingfishers are amazing. Thank you for sharing them here. Please share more.

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    1. I’ll second that! 😊

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  3. Loved these, thanks for the look through your lens!

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  4. Just lovely! Thank you.

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  5. Wonderful, thanks for sharing.

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