Belonging to the Land

I wrote the other day of an apocryphal link between monarchy and landscape, while referring to the recent death of the Queen. It’s probably born of legends and mythology such as the Fisher King and Bran, but I was thinking about actual physical connections today. They’ve locked her up in lead and oak, sealed so tightly nothing will escape, not even the smell of decomposition.

I can’t take much more of the pageantry. Neither a monarchist nor republican, I, but the glorification of entitlement and richness amidst a land reeling from cost of living rises and recession is so distasteful it’s almost pushing me off the fence whereon I sit. The bread and circuses bleating out of almost every television channel and the outpouring of (dare I say manufactured) grief… but the interrment…

Although parts of me might go to help others after I’m gone, I can think of no more perfect way to cease being me than by melting back into the landscape that bore me. I’d – heh – be cool too with cremation (after all, it’s about as Druid a send off as you can get), but for me the idea of blending my physical being into the soil is intensely satisfying.

To be denied that sharing… to have ones former self held to be so individual and important as to refuse the decomposition any part in the future landscape. Well, I can’t honestly think of any stronger example to highlight there is no connection between monarchy and landscape. I know it’s a tradition that extends beyond the royal family, but that’s just how I feel right now.

Earlier, I felt I wouldn’t put these words out there. You know, stepping on people’s feelings etc. But the thousands of floral tributes (all wrapped up nicely in cellophane)… Wouldn’t it have been marvellous for the Palace to suggest rather than floral tributes a donation to a food bank might be more beneficial?

So here you go…

Flowers  she will never see
Encased in plastic wrap
As we move on then so will they
As unrecycled crap

No-one is tasked with sorting through
This offering fantastic
It’s destined all for landfill soon
The flowers and the plastic.

Image taken from Pintrest,
post updated to remove a million typos

One response to “Belonging to the Land”

  1. I live in New England, a constitutional democratic republican state. If it makes you feel better, we have all the pageantry of kings and queens with none of the culture and most of the same problems, it seems.


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