Here we go again

Things don’t happen in polite sequence; one thing following gently after another. And so it is again today as we nervously await the news from Buck House. Is London Bridge fallen? But alongside that is the news that our continuity Prime Minister is about to overturn the hard won ban on fracking in Britain, and that takes me back to the field beneath Glastonbury Tor, in September 2013, when hundreds of us gathered to initiate The Warrior’s Call, and raise magical energy in defiance of this new threat. In 2015 with Beacons in the Dark. And again in 2016 with the Voices on the Wind ritual.

Is the energy still there?

Fracking finally ended in Britain in 2019 when the Quadrilla site (the only one ever permitted to operate) caused a Magnitude 2.9 earth tremor in Lancashire. The site was ordered to be capped and abandoned. Now, Truss wants to restart fracking, in an attempt to ease the energy crisis. But of course it will take time to produce anything from fracking, and millions upon millions of tonnes of water at a time when water resources are becoming ever more sparce in climate heated summers. Water which then if returned comes back toxic and unuseable. Water that has to be carried around in diesel tankers. And all the time the walls shake.

Is the sigil still active?

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  1. I certainly hope so!

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