Hail to the King

I spent all morning getting ready for the thing itself.

Tested the parish council web site in a black theme I’d prepared some time back… made sure the vicar was managing the Book of Condolence… checked we still didn’t have a flagpole… The London Bridge plan has long been in place, but then I went for a walk in the woods with Janet. Obviously the perfect timing as ever. Dashed back to do the necessary, hit the script update and sign the book…

Purely by coincidence we were on top of the Westridge at the likely moment of transition, and I captured this shot of the Sun through the window of the Tyndale monument. It memorialises the fellow who translated the bible from Latin into English and was strangled and burnt at the stake for his sins – nobody likes a smart arse.

I’m neither a monarchist nor a republican, but I very much appreciated the Queen for herself, and for her selflessness and devotion to the nation. There’s a thing in folklore, of the intimate connection between the land and the leader, and she seemingly was for all her privilege a kind person. I kind of like Charles too – King Charles III, now – and look forward too seeing how he takes to the role.

Journey well, ma’am. /|\

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