The Joy of Balloons

We made it down to Bristol for the last dawn ascent of the Balloon Fiesta. We had tried for the evenings previously, becuase let’s face it, who gets up at five in the morning to watch balloons? Ok fine, but not me, generally. The evenings had all been cancelled, because of the apparent turbulence up above our still, hot and sticky ground level air.

Someone had to be first up – it was him.
Then everyone else piled on… check out the tiny people, cars and lorries. Sense of scale or what?!
The sky was blank and boring, and I’ve replaced it like a real weather witch
Up, up and away… yes another sky replacement

I’m not actually a fan of replacing the sky, and I hate it when someone tries to sneak one through. But at times it’s simply better to be a bit of an artist rather than a documentary photographer. These were all taken, by the way, from the Bedminster Downs on the Bridgwater road in south Bristol. From there, there is a fabulous long distance view of the Ashton Park fiesta site. These were all shot with the 600mm.

Digital Art, if you like, but I really like the way this one pops. The balloon is real: G-UPOI made by Cameron Balloons in Bristol. The sky is real too, but airbrushed into the background.

It was great to experience the fiesta after the covid hiatus. I hope you enjoyed the pics.

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