A change to my photo portfolio

You might recall, my lovely reader, that I was musing a little white back about why in these times I still have a vanity web site and to what use I should put it. I said at the time I might focus a little on my photography – a key part of my day is taking one good photograph (or as good as I can manage).

I’ve started to change the way my photographs are presented on here. Where previously I had them in small galleries (which felt a little squalid) I’m now giving free reign to them, or at least to a reduced resulution version of them. I’ll gradually update the pre-Reimagining photos, but you will start to see images around 1024 pixels on the long edge gracing the various pages of my portfolio.

As ever, I’m grateful if you don’t simply download and reuse my work… the punative spellcastings and incantations are tiresome and fiddly. I am always open to their being used elsewhere with a link back to my site or, if they are used in a professional context, that you open negotiations for a formal licence and a full resolution jpg or tiff.

Some of my work is already available for commercial printing, at Photo4Me

(cover pic: “There’s something about Dave…” a Caspian Tern joins a group of Snipe on the Rushy at WWT Slimbridge ©2022 me)

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