On your marks, get set, go!

I gave my old pushbike away last month. It was over thirty years old and went to a good home – in mainland Europe as it happens – boxed up and reassembled to be used again as a commuter bike. It was checked out after assembly by the local bike technicians who whistled appreciatively and said, in the local lingo, you didn’t buy that ’round yer. Made from good solid Chomoly it was wasted on me, and I hadn’t even worn out the original tyres… although common sense would suggest they be replaced anyway.

I didn’t think I’d miss it.

Perhaps it was the fuel prices, perhaps it was a need to vary the exercise this old man needed to take; his frame being far more worn than the bikes. Maybe it was even a twitch of my normally hypocritical environmental gland. Anyway, I started riding the daughter’s (currently in storage) bike around the back lanes. It was too small for me and I was too knackered for it. And then wife got her own bike out – the mate to my old and now reinvigorated European bike. Something had to change, and before I knew it there was massive research into modern e-bikes.

When I admited I’d ordered a new e-bike, madam was nonplussed. Why was she being left with a thirty year old bike while I was destined to be whizzing around in carefree motor assisted luxury? It was inevitable… more research took place and more decisions are being taken. But most of all, I think we need to start looking at the cycle paths and safe routes around Gloucestershire. I’m already part of the group hoping to create a new greenway between our village and the nearest town, allowing kids to cycle to school where the roads are currently too dangerous.

I didn’t think I’d miss it. And I didn’t, really. Like many an old man I simply fancied a new model… /yellowcard

Watch this space. Like most things nowadays there’s a waiting list for my bike and she’s not even decided on a make or model yet. Next job: find the bike rack for the camper van and straighten it out from “that little incident” must be, oh, ten years ago now. 😉

(cover pic: unexpected pelican at WWT Slimbridge, because it can’t look any dafter than me on a bike… ©2022 me)

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