It’s a cold and wet day, following a sultry hot one yesterday. I’ve done all the simple things that occupy an indoor day and I’m frantically trying to put off starting some of the more difficult jobs I’ve been setting aside for a rainy day – like this one. Like a curious tongue prodding away at an empty tooth socket I’m looking at this web site… is it worth trying to make it into something else again?

A new theme; that’s the thing. A change of air, a shake of the digital mattress… and so there’s a now, slightly new, look to the place. Ok, right now it does look varguly similar to the old place, but give it time! Soon a million elephants will stampede through the site, transforming it from dullness into… more chaotic dullness?

Problem is, I struggle to find anything to write about that doesn’t leave my fingers bleeding onto the keyboard – and do you know how expensive these things are nowadays?! I’ve had to largely withdraw from political commentary, because politics has largely withdrawn from sanity, morality and in some cases legibility and grammer! The climate catastrophe is getting ever closer if it is not already here, and almost no-one cares! Or not enough to, you know, do anything.

And in the midst of all this rage I keep eyeing myself up in the mirror of hypocricy. I find I’ve kind of given up worrying about what’s coming and now sit gazing at the approaching headlights almost with an ecstatic anticipation… like waiting for Hotblack Desiato to plug into the orbiting amplifiers and pull a power chord.

So, watch this space. It’ll either look roughly like this still, this time next year, or perhaps I’ll shove some pretty pictures up, or maybe start another rambling monologue on the sacred connection between whisky, nakedness and motorcycling. There may even be Druids…

cover shot: white egret at RSPB Ham Wall near Glastonbury, taken yesterday by me. © an’ all that.

One response to “Reimagining”

  1. I’ve done a fair few rounds with my own inability to make any real difference to anything whatsoever. One person isn’t going to change much. But more people, doing what they can, sharing what the can – maybe that could make a difference, and even if that’s not enough to avert the *waves haves at everything* maybe it’s still worth doing. If all we can do is stop each other sliding into apathy and inaction, that’s worth a go.


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