Solar Catch Up

I haven’t waffled about the solar roof for a long time. It’s easily forgotten, just ‘being there’ on the roof and causing me no worries except for the occasional meter reading and BACS bank payment.

I recently pointed someone to my solar pages – thereby doubling my readership overnight! They were considering installing solar on their own roof. It prompted me to review my solar blog posts and see how I was doing now.

I was slightly astonished to read back and see my pre-solar energy use. I wrote that I was generally using 6,300kWh of electricity per year, and 15,000kWh of gas!

I recently got my annual electricity and gas summaries from the provider, and in 2021 I used 4,250kWh of electricity and 9,820kWh of gas. I appear to use more than the national average consumption of electricity (2,800kWh, but I do run a 24hr pond pump), but less than the average of gas (12,000kWh).

So given no other changes have occurred (ok, we had a daughter leave home but…) the solar roof has cut about a third off our energy bills. As our fixed tarrifs come to an end and with te onset of huge increases, that’s relevant.

As we enter year ten of our £6250 installation, we’ve received £5k5 in FIT payments. Factor in the saving of the third of our annual energy costs – call that three hundred pounds per year – we paid for the solar roof some time ago.

Of course, the FIT rates have dropped vastly since we took the plunge. But if you’re my solar reader 😉 then this was for you.

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