We’re a note in the music, a phrase in the song;

A semi-intelligent self obsessed throng.

With slightly more brain and a flexible hand,

We establish a dominance over the land.

And though we believe we are top of the pile

The ‘verse will correct this conceit in a while.

We are part of the jigsaw, adrift of our tether;

It all will make sense when we all come together.

(sorry, that just fell out of my fingers all unexpected like)

No, you’re right, I haven’t blogged in the longest time. Well, not here anyway. The Blipfoto site is safer; I don’t go all ranty there very often, and ranting feels somehow more appropriate to the times and yet so futile.

If there was simply climate chaos and biodiversity extinction and the end of human life on planet Earth… well, that would be something eh. But we’ve got the double whammy of Brexit and Covid – and yes, I put them in order of significance to us here in the UK.

I’m finding the only way to survive is to avoid the BBC News, avoid all newspapers (except perhaps the Byline Times, which is possibly the last bastion of sensible left wing writing) and get out into the glowing autumn sunlight.

Someone mentioned today they feel like they’re spinning too many plates, and there’s always another one being handed to you. I guess it’s Equinox, and balance is pertinent. I’m finding some without writing too much nonsense on here. Whatever are you doing, reading it?

One response to “Hubris”

  1. Yay, a blog! And an excellent bit of verse there, too. It may all be going to shit, but we can still have rhymes!

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