Wandering thru Not-UpFest 2021

Now I’m not posting as much to Flickr I thought I’d start adding some gallery pages here. Yesterday, we tentatively wandered, masks at the ready, through North Street to look at some of the #75wallsin75days that replaced the covid-postponed UpFest this year. Obviously, only a handful and the ones that took my fancy at the time.

Street Art is entirely different to graffiti, and as exemplar to this fact some of the works this year have been defaced by tags of #killupfest and some irrelevancy about black metal. I’m sure if the police don’t catch them first the’re going to find themselves in trouble – UpFest brings a lot of money into this little part of south Bristol.

I love the two women gossiping beneath the almost Bladerunner mural. They colour coordinate beautifully, and I use them also to show how hard the image was to photograph and why some parts of the main mural are missing in my picture – there was a lot of image manipulation!

The woman holding the Moon is the deity Nyx, goddess of the night and harbinger of sleep. She replaced the drowning Greta on the Tobacco Factory wall, whihc is a shame because the picture was iconic, but that’s the beauty and tragedy of street art – it is so transient. In the next year or so all these pictures will be lost in time, like tears in rain.

Ok, so the mural still holds Bladerunner in the mind, even though the Japanese katakana is apparently filled with additional strokes and there are no hovering police cars. I think if you click on the images they go fullscreen. Enjoy.

5 responses to “Wandering thru Not-UpFest 2021”

  1. I really like the Farms not Factories one. Very colourful.

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    1. Isn’t it fantastic! It’s actually one of three roller blinds to a butcher’s shop.


  2. It’s really fantastic and inspiring


  3. Yes! I love wall art!

    I particularly like the Japan in rain for its ‘Blade Runner’ feel and style. But I also like the Nyx painting as I find it the most evocative. Interestingly, I thought “Goddess” when I looked at it. And as Deity is something we think of or feel within ourselves, showing us with her skeleton gives us more of her substance; both deity and the night being something tangible. That’s my interpretation anyway.


  4. Very nice post. Tears in the rain… a great line. Not all of these were painted for 75 walls, but all good.

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