So long and thanks for all the…

It’s been a hard year to blog very much, without spiralling into Covid anxiety, Brexit rage or any of dozens of conspiracy scenarios spread both in the social and news media. So I’ve not had much to say, or at least have decided not to say it.

As we rip away our citizenship of a union that has maintained peace for half a century, and become merely subjects of an out-dated aristocracy itself manipulated by the capitalist elite for its own ends, it’s hard to remember sometimes that we still wake up to a golden Sun. The wheel turns and the dark gives way to the light which in its turn fades to black.

No-one bombed us today. I know, but not everyone can say that. Perspective is a key to making sense of a mad world. Find the peace in your own individual existence, and if possible bring a little peace to someone else’s. In turn, they may calm the turmoil in your life.

We’ve just done the big (albeit just the two of us) NYE dinner, and recounted all the good things that happened to us and for us and around us this year. There were a lot of good things. We hold on to the bad at our peril. Celebrate the good.

There’s no starting point on a circle; nothing to mark one day over another – or if there is then it’s not likely to be this day. So whether the year is marked from today, or Samhain, or Solstice, or one of a few hundred other options, may happiness find you.

Happy New Year!

2 responses to “So long and thanks for all the…”

  1. Wise words – no waffle here – and it does all of us good to hold fast to the good bits in the midst of the bad bits. Each day is the start of a new year on our individual journeys. May your and your family’s be brought once again into each others arms in 2021, as as you have been in each other’s hearts throughout the long days of 2020.

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  2. Excellent post. Whatever form 2021 brings us, may yours be a bright one.


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