Someone said, what about the gods? LOL.

I think I have a significant disconnect in my perception of deity(ies) and my Druidry. I certainly view the latter as a verb, and treat it as an active practice without the need for any particular pantheon or “behind the curtain” deity. Therefore, let me relate – as indeed I have done here before – my working construct, my hypothesis, of what I believe. aka Unsubstantiated Personal Gnosis. No more definite than any other.

I am more space between than substance. The relative gaps between nucleus and electron orbits and the relative gaps between atoms and the relative gaps between molecules across the known universe informs me that that which is not there is at least as important as that which is. As an individual I am many. Cut off my finger and I am still here, but it is my finger, but I am no longer it. Saving a mortal blow, how much of me can be cut away before I am no longer there. And if I am not in the lost segment, was it really me in the first place? Where am I? Or am I wherever I place my concentration? If I am not all of me, am I also parts of more than me? In animist terms as I understand animism, where is the ish that is bish?

Given then that I am an incoherent anima, there seems no reason to suspect everything else is non-animate and that all things have some form of life. A tree does not speak, and yet is for all intents and purposes alive. A person likewise is alive whether or not that have the ability to speak, or see, or hear, or move… We are all life and there is, outside of trained perception, no separation. And we haven’t even left Earth yet… There seems no reason to suspect all matter in the universe is not animisthically alive, and there seems evidence of sorts that the mulitiverse exists in parallel form. So, everything that is, is every iteration of everything, is alive. Welcome to yourself, ‘verse.

I believe the ‘verse is on a journey of discovery, and being Singular, the only thing that is, it has no means of looking into itself for understanding. It has therefore fragmented itself into an infinity of life which came about in a Big Bang and will end likewise and reoccur infinitely many times. Each time all that has been learned by all life is logged in some unexplainable fashion and thus the ‘verse learns. Implicit in this; I am god, you are god. Thou art god. The ‘verse groks itself.

We experience a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum; bees and other whales see and hear far more than we. How egotistical is it then, to perceive a part of the infinitely shattered multidimensional Singular “verse and anthropomorphise it into a human shaped god, or gods? Each perceived god is as real as any other and each most certainly is deity extrapolated. I speak with aspects of deity that I experience most deeply, and I am content to ‘name’ them or share the names others have given them.

I speak to and (allow me the hubris) with Sun Sol, and to Moon Luna, and to the woods and the streams and the hills and the physical elements of my landscape. I dance with the lightning and call him Taranis. I walk by the river near me and call to Sabrina and Nodens. Most of all I converse with “The ‘Verse”. The intention is far more important than the name, and if I perceive it as identifiable characters then I am harming none in my madness.

There’s a word for my gnosis. It’s mostly irrelevant. But it probably has panentheist in it somewhere. Sorry for the waffle. It’s a waffly subject. Please don’t cut parts of me off looking for the actual bish…

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