The Story Tree

Merry Yule!

The idea of bringing trees into the house at Yule and Christmas began in Germany and was adopted in Britain in the sixteenth century and gained widespread popularity during the reign of Queen Victoria (of the German House of Hanover). It probably harkens back to Christian times, but nowadays is almost entirely secular and celebratory.

Many are decorated, whether real or fake, far more prettily or professionally than ours, but ours is a story tree. A bit smaller than in previous years, but with covid-19 there are unlikely to be any visitors to look at it except from this page…

Almost every ornament on the tree reflects a part our our household history. There is a lute, bought the year I began to try to play the mandolin. There are ceramic eggs given to us on an Austrian holiday. Kangaroos and Koala bears made of tin swing in the branches; memories of an Australian family visit.

A very pink and rotund ‘Mrs H” smiles from the back; a lovely lady now passed into mystery. A 24-carat gold plated mistletoe hangs at the top, gifted by a beautiful Druid friend. Glass soldiers peek out, made by Janet, and other trinkets hang there made by the girls. Blodeuwedd sits there in her silver owl form… Stags and reindeer abound. There may be a Santa…

The fairy on the top is well into her retirement now. Older than me she graced the trees when I was born and still has never changed her tutu…

One response to “The Story Tree”

  1. A tree of stories, that’s amazing!


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