Learning Long Exposure

I experimented the other week with some long exposure shots. It’s not something I have done a lot in the past and in doing so I realised I didn’t fully understand all the details of ND filter photography.

Still, for the sake of later comparison here are a few shots taken as we walked down the Heddon River to the sea, in Devon the other day.

All of these were perforce taken at F22 to reduce the incoming light and with K&F Concept ND2, ND4 and ND8 filters screwed all together, and the shots were taken over 15 or 20 seconds.

Aside from the inadequate filtering which lead to higher f-numbers and shorter than preferred exposures, the three parallel filters insisted on gathering dust no matter the number of times I cleaned them, and also resulted in a nasty vignette due to the depth of the combined filter set.

I’ve since invested in a SRB Elite filter holder and ND1000 square filter. Now all I need is a covid-free opportunity to get back to the beach…

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