Open letter to my MP

Dear Luke Hall MP

The government’s failure to adequately address the recent behaviour or Mr Cummings – and worse, the pathetic defence of his behaviour – has risked the collapse of sensible lockdown strategy, and has likely fatally damaged the administration. If he had simply apologised and admitted error, perhaps the matter would have blown over.

The government seems willing, however, to undermine its own public health advice, and set aside laws and guidance, and all to protect the position of one unelected advisor. I ask that you use whatever influence you have to bring about changes at central government that show the UK still has a coherent pandemic strategy and a trustworthy leadership.

This nation has one of the highest Covid-19 death tolls in the world because of poor decision making, indecision and inaction. Now we see a government that undermines its own strategies in order to protect one of its employees.

As partner to a critically vulnerable person I have not left our property in ten weeks. My wife has left solely to visit Southmead hospital and returned under the most rigorous decontamination procedures. We have been disassociated with our granddaughter, who at eighteen months was accustomed to staying with us one night a week and who does not understand our now remote video connection. I have been unable to see my mother, 250 miles away, who lives alone and disabled, not has my wife seen her elderly and frail father who is living in a Keynsham care home.

We are now told in terms that we have abandoned these people because we did not love them sufficiently to ignore the rules of isolation and social distancing. How insulted do you think we feel? How betrayed by our government? We have made incredibly hard decisions and stuck by them, for the love of our family and of our nation. We acted for the greater good. To save lives.

I hope and ask that you will issue a statement deploring the government’s reckless comments on this matter, and distancing yourself from them.

Your Constituent

Mark Rosher

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One response to “Open letter to my MP”

  1. Yes, well said. This whole episode has exposed the arrogant and self-centred nature of the current administration. I am appalled at the behaviour of Mr Cummings, the PM and the lackeys who surround him. Those of us who have played by the rules and made the sacrifices have every right to be indignant, angry and to demand changes are made.

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