Leaving the Bubble

Now I have an inkling as to how astronauts prepare for a space walk…

Janet has a hospital clinic in Bristol today for bloods, and despite our not leaving the house for the last four plus weeks it seems they really do want her to come in for her routine bloods.

So this morning I have issued from my precious garage stock two face masks, two pairs of latex gloves, and a brand new pair of my least unattractive PPE eyewear. We’ve discussed how we don’t need a handbag…

We’ve gone through the visit, discussing how the PPE is used, when it is used and how it is disposed of.

One pair of gloves in, one pair out, for the door handles and lift buttons, and dispose of the second pair into small bin bag after the car door is open.

The back door is unlocked for entry direct to the utility room washing machine for the strip-down and thence straight to the showers.

The car, unused for a month, has had a pre-launch checkover. It will be quarantined again on return. Please don’t have an accident!

It still feels like The Truman Show. Is it real? Are we mad? Major bish to ground control…

It is impossibly hard to work out how much gaslighting we are experiencing. After four weeks of not leaving the property we are en-bubbled.

And now, for the first time in ages, I’m truly Home Alone.

Probably a good time for a coffee…

2 responses to “Leaving the Bubble”

  1. Strange days. Hope all goes well.


    1. Tell you in a fortnight, I guess. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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