In the quiet of a no car Sunday morning

The new dawn Sun still low, white and bright on the horizon

painting the world in long golds and greens

There is never silence

But today the modern world seems far away

The blackbird’s liquid melody plays across the lawn

uncluttered with the edgy rasp of tyre on tarmac

Pigeons clap as they climb into the sky

and fall in lazy curves onto steaming rooftops

sparrows cry out challenge from the guttering above my head

and fly into conversations in twittering hedgerows

the distance lowing of cattle in the fields

A fox barks and a pheasant takes to the air with a furtling hum

the subsonic thunder of a passing train breaks the silence for a long minute

shaking the peace and then accentuating it with its absence

Pale blue skies unstriped by airliners

The clean crisp air

Irrational excitement bubbles, if this might last… be the new norm

You can hear for miles

I take a long deep breath, savouring the taste of unpetrolled air

A moment of crisis-born unreality savoured, witnessed,


for now the cynic is set aside

And the robin who shares my moment takes to the holly tree

and sings and sings

2 responses to “Lockdown”

  1. Elizabeth Evered Avatar
    Elizabeth Evered

    Love it ! I was doing ok until Lockdown got to me yesterday. Your words really uplifted me – thank you 🙂 Liz x


    1. My work here is done. 🙂


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