Blessings at Ostara

Happy Easter. For the secular, happy egg day. For the spiritual and religious, happy East-er Sun day. My favourite of the modern festivals; a Christian holiday riding on the ancient and most pagan elements.

The First Sun-day after the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox… just give all the detail in there some thought. A day honouring the relative movements of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. A day that would have been ritualised by Druids long ago, and still is.

A day when chocolate eggs and hares are given and received ostensibly to mark the opening of a cave. (No points for remarking on the general emptiness of the eggs when they are opened, and let’s leave the fecundity of rabbits – Beltane is yet to come)

In these strange times, it’s as good to share the holy days as it is to share the eggs. Let the hare sleep in the skylark’s egg-filled nest. Happy easter.

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