Friday 13th 2019

After the storm, when everything’s battered:

Bleeding, twisted, broken and shattered.

The only next step is to pick ones self up;

Make a space, build a fire, help a friend, share a cup.

Tomorrow will come, and the Sun will still rise

To shine light on the aftermath – hope never dies.

Be not overwhelmed nor your efforts decrease,

But keep hope in your heart, work for good, call for peace.


3 thoughts on “Friday 13th 2019

  1. The energy I’ve been feeling for weeks has been that of anger – human, tree and animal anger at the state of things. Today the human anger is diminished, it is a relief for me. The wind is blowing to clear out the negativity. There are major disappointments. There are serious and dramatic changes in the wind, and whilst some of us many not like them, at least now the wind is blowing and the stagnation will be lifted. We have many struggles ahead to keep the new government in check, but at least we know where we stand.


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