Sony A7Riv : Bluetooth Link

For an electronics company, the way Sony works its bluetooth connection on this new camera is pants.

This post might never be needed – maybe it’s me that was being stupid – but for anyone else scratching their heads as they try and connect their A7Riv to their iPhone via Bluetooth… and I can’t speak for any non IOS phone… here’s a workaround.

The “obvious” way to pair the two items would be to set pairing on, on one device, and find and link it on the other. So, I set the camera bluetooth function to ‘on’ and the link to pairing, then went to the iPhone bluetooth settings to wait for it to appear – and it never did.

The less obvious but in fact workable and quite simple way is to use the Sony app, “Imaging Edge Mobile”.

The Bluetooth Settings on the camera do of course still need to be set to ‘on’. You then open the Sony app , and then click ‘Location Information Linkage’ and ‘add camera’. It will almost immediately identify the camera. Select that and the two devices pair seamlessly.

You can set it to connect every time, automagically. Then every time I wake the camera up it connects to the phone – assuming it’s on and in range.

I’m inexperienced in using GPS data in maps, but checking a newly taken photograph in MacOS preview Tools > Show Location Info I can at least see there is a GPS tab there now which wasn’t previously.

I’m still playing with this new camera. I hope this has been helpful. Let me know.

One response to “Sony A7Riv : Bluetooth Link”

  1. Hey buddy I have the same issue with my A7r4 bluetooth.. do you have any video explaing it? My A9ii Is such a pain in the ass but I can find on bluetooh pairing! I dont Know how to pairing the A7R4, can yuo help me out?
    Thank you!


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