Environmental Razors

I made a bit of an error the other month, and yet perhaps I didn’t…

Coming to the end of my current stock of cartridge blades for my razor, I thought I’d lose the plastic component and go old school. The metal/plastic combination of modern cartridge razor blades makes them almost impossible to recycle (unless you know better) and I felt going to a solid steel safety razor blade would make it less environmentally wasteful.

I bought a lovely new safety razor from Bambaw and recycled the now rather tatty metal grip of my old Gillette. Ok, so there were a few days of remembering how to use a safety razor and yes, the blood was immense. In the end though I found it a far more satisfying experience and for sure the blades are a lot cheaper (£1.50 per cartridge and about 9p for a razor blade).

But then reality hit. Razor blades aren’t actually very easily recycled.

Dammit, everything is hard. Looking around, even such niche organisations as TerraCycle (who are doing a great job recycling my crisp packets) don’t currently handle razor blades. I guess there’s an element of biowaste from bloodstained blades as well as the obvious sharps issue.

Looking around there are a few odd solutions… I even found someone selling a metal sharps box on Amazon for a fiver, that you can slot all your blades into and presumably recycle as a sealed metal block. Seems an expensive way to throw stuff away… But it does present an idea.

So I’m going to knock up a razor blade sharps box, from a tin can or similar. It’ll take forever to fill up, but I guess that will be a viable solution. But I’m really blogging here in case one of you has a better idea. Who out there has a solution to recycling safety razor blades? Let me know!

Of course, this explains why all the eco-greens out there have full face fungus…

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