People’s Vote march London

2019.03.23 017, People's Vote march PiccadillyIt was a hint of the extraordinary day to come that we arrived in London to join the million plus (current estimates) others calling for a people’s vote – or more often a complete revocation of Article 50 – only to find that we had randomly stood smack bang next to the chair of the greenway action group working to create a safe pedestrian and cycle way from the local town to my village! What are the chances?

I’m not one for crowds. In fact I tend to veer sharply from too many people in one place. But today was tremendously good natured and civil and fun, and of course politically important. Nobody pushed, nobody swore (except at May and her posse of self serving millionaire Brexiteers). There was the feel of positive energy throughout the slow shamble to Westminster. I think the two mile or so march took us six hours…

Bands played, drum teams beat out the rhythm, and we even had a bagpiper! I waved my camera around in chaotic fashion, and as you’d expect there were a lot of out of focus shots. But some gems too. I was thrilled to be able to shake Steve Bray by the hand and thank him for his heroic stand on College Green. I missed all the speeches though; there was no way of progressing through from where we began to the front of the throng.

There was street theatre and floats and all sorts of naughtiness. Lots of friends were out there, and some were even showing their locations on my iPhone (in semi-haphazard terms as the local 4G data was overloaded and ‘tInterwebz went away). But it was impossible to make face-to-face contact in the broiling mass of the Anti-Brexit carnival. So we made do with many a humorous and good natured chat with like-minded folk from all over the country and beyond.

Here’s hoping something of the day sparked a glimmer of sense in the heads of those making the decisions.

This post is taken from my daily journal at Blipfoto. Some of my daily whitterings are more important than others, and I would like to keep this one here.

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