That 10 year challenge thing

There’s a thing going around on social media called the ten year challenge – post a picture of yourself now and ten years ago. The idea being to highlight how young you still look, or how much weight you’ve lost, or perhaps how the years have fallen upon you with malice aforethought…

It’s probably designed to get you to upload time separated photographs of people in order to finesse facial recognition software, so perhaps it’s not a game to engage with on Facebook or other data mining environments. I guess it’d be too hard for the developers to go plundering personal web sites like this though.

I dunno. What do you think?

screenshot 2019-01-16 15.26.24

I do know the shops will never get rich off my back – I still have that striped shirt! In fact, we discussed that the other day, Janet and I, about how disposable clothing seems to be nowadays; even to the point of the “wear once then bin” trend, because who would want to be seen twice in uber-fashion-of-the-moment stuff (Or even once)…?

Most of my clothing was bought new, and there’s a strong argument that recycled clothing is more ethical, more green, and perhaps cheaper. As I see on the news another M&S clothing store closes and people seek a Primark in its place though, I reckon my clothing earns its keep. Nothing goes until it’s totally worn out, and even then there are dusters to be made and if it’s too far gone for dusters then there’s the oily rag box in the garage.

Bring on the next ten years, I say. Life is good.


2 responses to “That 10 year challenge thing”

  1. I was reflecting on this yesterday – still have most of the same clothes too, although I’ve gone up a size since then and that’s no bad thing!


  2. I’ve still got a couple of items from my teens… having grown up wearing almost exclusively second hand clothes, buying new is one of my few personal vices. I’ve thought about it, and as I don’t have a lot of vices, and i wear things until they wear out and then turn them into other things, I reckon it’s not too bad. If you end up with too big a rag pile, you can always tap me up for turning it into a rag rug, I can do a nice awen design….


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