Activism, Druidry and Mission Lifeforce

Mission Lifeforce


(a post drafted on the incredibish blog for use in the Druid Camp discussion forum)The wonder of Druid Camp is the range of experience and learning that is freely shared and gifted to and by the community. From healers to singers to writers to dancers to… everything. Once again I particularly loved the activism discussions; what we’re doing in the world and why.


If you missed Stuart Jeffery‘s fascinating discussion workshop on activism you missed hearing tales from members of The Warrior’s Call, from people at the front line of ecological warfare in Africa, from Greenham Common women and Poll Tax protestors. It is inspiring to know so many people care so much about the world their great great grandchildren may inhabit.


You may not have heard too about Mission Lifeforce. As a project in the making it was spoken about by the lovely Jojo Mehta at the 2017 Druid Camp and it’s now fully operational. Run by barrister Polly Higgins it’s a real opportunity to create new and binding law to protect the life on our planet. And it’s relatively simple and individually inexpensive.


I’d do best to point you straight at the Mission Lifeforce web site, which explains the twin prong process in simple and in detailed terms. So off you go to


MISSIONLIFEFORCE_RomeStatuteIn short the objective is to make ecocide – the serious loss, damage or destruction of ecosystems – illegal under International Law in the same way genocide is. This means top-level people become criminally responsible – government ministers and corporate CEOs.


Where climate or ecological agreements have been developed and ignored, where civil sanctions are available only to those rich enough to take on the even richer, where criminal laws in various countries are quashed, ignored or lobbied against… there is another way.


MISSIONLIFEFORCE_pyramidThe fund allows the smaller and poorer members of the ICC – those most at risk from climate chaos and ecological destruction – to appear and propose amendments to the Rome Statute. Everyone gets one vote, no matter how big or small, and if two thirds of countries sign up, it’s Law where the ICC is recognised.


It’s immediately obvious who the countries are who have decided not to honour the idea of the International Criminal Court, and one can ponder why. Nonetheless, it’s a brave initiative and I signed up to Mission Lifeforce soon after its inception. It’s relatively cheap – as little as five Euro.


The project also holds funds and offers legal advice for those who stand in harms way, and who may plead conscientious protector defence at any trial they are brought before. It’s liability free.


It’s five Euro, guys! About the same price as a lottery ticket, but with so much more to win.

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