Druid Camp: 5 weeks to go!

Screenshot 2018-07-05 12.06.13 I felt the need to express my gratitude, delight and overwhelming love for all the folk who’ve stepped up to the challenge of Druid Camp this year. I’m just doing some additions to the profiles pages here http://www.druidcamp.org.uk/category/2018blog/ and it’s a delight to see old and new friends preparing for a fabulous camp.

Druid Camp – heh, sounds like a school trip, doesn’t it – began in the fading years of the old millenniennienniumnum by Bobcat and Mark Graham and was continued by Mark into the new century. Using facilities provided by the Rainbow organisation it’s been the go-to festival for Druids across Britain and well beyond.

Generally held in the post-midsummer, near the ancient Forest of Dean and the splendid and sacred River Severn, it sits in the liminal and historically contested lands between England and Wales. Moving locations a few times, camp has gathered beside a woodland stream, atop a river encircled hill, and is this year set in a woodland glade.

You might know that Druid Camp was not going to happen this year – after the serious illness of a key member of the Rainbow team and the failure of the Rainbow business Druid Camp lost all of the money pre-paid for 2018 tickets over the winter. It was highly likely that those losses would have to be born by the sole organiser of the camp.

A few of us decided Druid Camp was too good to lose, and set up the Druid Camp Association, a small unincorporated association (or “club”) and pushed ahead on a new site – a lovely woodland glade site we used many years ago. Stumbling through the intricacies of PayPal’s money laundering checks we’ve now got the thing sorted and the camp plan is almost complete. And we’ve sold tickets!

So in short, Druids really can get it together even in the tough times, and for that I am supremely grateful, and honoured, and awed.

Local press coverage from 2014 —> Page 1 : Page 2

Tickets —> http://www.druidcamp.org.uk/tickets-2018/

2 responses to “Druid Camp: 5 weeks to go!”

  1. that’s an excellent team, and clearly there is something in the air with the whole unincorporated association malarky…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mmm. I sometimes worry I’m working to normalise Druidry. Sometimes I celebrate it.


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