British Broadbrushing Conspiracy

If you watch BBC news today
You’re in for a big surprise
Coz in between all the facts and truth
Are blatantly evil lies
As Newsnight treats you just like a prat
By Photoshopping Jeremy’s hat
Against a blood red backdrop of St Basil’s

Orwell couldn’t make it up
The Information Age is steadily taking truth away
You may shout conspiracy
And who am I to stand up here
and say you shouldn’t say
Just you wait a few years more
Sit back relax and let the AI drive you home
I tell you you haven’t seen anything yet
I bet you we name the whole system Skynet
Come on, would I lie to you?

And all the places you like to go
Are sucking your very soul
Facebook informs everything that you know
In order to keep control
The only way to know what’s true
Believe what you see, believe what you do.
And smile when told your showing paranoia

(with apologies to Bratton and Kennedy. Image from Google)

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 17.32.35

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