Yule Lists – What Not to Buy!

At this time of year, as we approach commercialmas on bended wallet, there are so many lists of things. My in tray is – like yours, I’m sure – full of ways to change money into tatt. But what we really want is a list of things not to buy this year. And here’s one! No, really, it gets serious.

I can hear a million silver surfers out there, going “ooh, that’d be useful. I could keep it by the computer.”

I can hear a million grandchildren thinking pretty much the same “oh, this’d be great for forgetful old gran(dad)”

And I can imagine the outcomes, as the surfers are separated from their silver. And their emails. And their identities… you might as well put your login details on a post-it pad on the screen. Oh, you do that?

Let’s remember (even if we keep forgetting the passwords) there are better ways to store our important password data. Both Windows and MacOS are able to store passwords in encrypted keychains (other operating systems are available) and PC Magazine has this article and LifeHacker has one here (I’ve not used them nor am I affiliated or sponsored by either site or the software vendors mentioned).

And, people, nobody here has passwords that are “password” or their birthday, or their pet’s name, yeah?

This article was written simply on the horror of seeing these books on sale earlier today!

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