Paperbark Writer

Newspaper curls in the heat of the vitriol
Steaming like ordure; a ranting tirade!
Perhaps we should not take the wording as literal but
Jesus is banned from the Easter parade!

The eggs that he laid are no more to be Christian,
The hare and the springtime fertility rite.
The National Trust has defied all tradition…
Or is it that news has been hid out of sight

Theresa’s been out selling weapons to Saudi,
And Spain over ‘Gib’ is relighting the fuse.
They need the non-stories to make the truth cloudy…
It’s always a good day to bury bad news

Apologies to anyone potentially offended by my doggerel today. If you’re unaware, there was a non-news story about the National Trust and Cadbury allegedly removing Easter from the title of their joint promotional Egg Hunt. It wasn’t true of course, but it was a useful story with which to divert attention as government ministers visited countries with poor human rights records, generally in order to sell them armaments.

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