Piano accompaniment (update)

Another day another visit to the hospital. Janet’s doing fine and her results are slowly improving. Most importantly there seems no immediate danger of serious rejection. Main issues at the moment are inadequate pain relief, but some of that is related to coming off the heavy stuff and the light stuff not doing the biz. There is a medium option that we are going to explore tonight. Don’t ignore the medium options, eh.

Most of the pain is probably related to the fact that Janet was and remains a slim lass, and there wasn’t much room for an additional kidney, no matter how hard they prodded!!! They did get it in, but not without a struggle. Let that be a warning, folks, don’t chase the size 0 too hard; you might need that bit of cuddly…

The wait in the hospital while they fast tracked the bloods through was made verso pleasant by this fellow. Apparently he’s studying music nearby and turns up to play each Friday morning. He certainly took Janet’s mind off the pain for a good hour, which was very much appreciated.

And late last night, Charlie arrived home from the south of France for a visit, her first since the operation. Today the house has been full of the sound of – well, not children, but you know how the house comes alive with them in, eh. So this afternoon we celebrated with coffee in Wotton, and here’s a blurry selfie to prove it. Yes, despite my brother’s protestations, that mouse is real…

2 responses to “Piano accompaniment (update)”

  1. Janet is looking better 😊Xxx


  2. Delighted to read this, I’ve been worrying (as you do). The curly is looking really quite spiffing!


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