Riding the Roller-Costa (update)

Ok, it’s not strong and it’s certainly not as good as my own grind and brew, but I’m very glad someone thought to put not one but two Costa’s in Southmead Hospital. Yes, we’re back again today, and it’s not even a Monday, Wednesday or Friday…

Following a call from the renal clinic last night, Janet went in today for an ultrasound scan of her new kidney. Some of her blog results were heading in the wrong direction and the hospital suspect these symptoms are signs of rejection. Of course, we were frantic with worry, didn’t sleep a wink, and scuttled in this morning to the hospital.

It seems it’s not at all uncommon, and the doctors will probably simply adjust Janet’s med’s at tomorrow’s clinic. At worst, she’ll go back in for a day or three on a medical drip. But although rejection sounds awful, it’s actually Janet’s body being so strong as to still identify an invasive component despite all the anti-rejection drugs she’s already on.

But we’re probably being a bit homey for a while longer. Play nicely without us. Hey, doesn’t that coffee look fab? Even if it doesn’t have the kick of bish’s barista brew…

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