Simple Question

I don’t get a lot of interaction on this blog, which is generally fine – it’s just me rabbiting on. But today I’d like to see if I can get some comments. I was chatting with someone the other morning and we agreed that we could not think of one good reason, beyond the obvious one of the vote, for leaving the EU. Not one.

Currently, and frankly ever since the day after the referendum, the news media and the journals are full of story after story of how bad things will be once we’ve achieved this divorce. The media is the media, of course, but it’s fair to say a lot is going to change and change always brings pain.

Small things, like the £1500 compensation I got last month for a delayed EU flight, like the likely loss of free emergency health care in Europe, like the loss of EU students and the loss of significant income to UK universities, as well as the potential loss of participation in EU projects. I can come up with a lot of potential down sides… but I can’t think of one positive to balance the hurt.

Now, I was always a Remainer, so meh. But it would be good to get a feel for the good things we can expect, so if you have any ideas along those lines please do hit the comments. I won’t be lashing our at Brexiteers, promise.

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