A Crap Rap

All you need is a drum and bass line and somewhere to shout at people in an angry fashion…

Brexit means Brexit
The will of the nation;
The cutting of ties,
and with no mitigation.
A short eight line missive;
A Bill of disaster.
It’s almost dismissive
to think of thereafter.
She’s off on her jet plane
to suck up to Donnie;
Two almost dictators
adrift on the Swannee.
And back in old Blighty
The argument’s started
to vote or to veto,
the whipping halfhearted,
For just as we needed
some unity Labour
says “free vote? no, fuckit”
And buggar my neighbour.
So bollocks to Britain
And fare well to Europe
And good grief to Mer’ca
We’re all left with no hope

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