Two Years, Two Thousand Pics

Mad as it seems, I’ve been uploading a picture every day for the past two plus years, to Blipfoto. Additional to that I’ve also been throwing most of the keepers up to Flickr, and that account now has more than two thousand photo’s in it! Some of them aren’t all that bad… or are they?

There are now probably more photographs taken every hour than in the first hundred years of photography. That’s my quote and now it’s on the internet it has to be true, right? But there are apparently a quarter of a million images sent to Facebook every minute, so I don’t have any fear at all of being gainsaid.

What happens to them? And why do we do it? For me it’s three fold; the technical challenge of taking a decent photograph when it’s so easy to not do so, the creative expression of art and a need to let my inner bard out, and of course the hope that when I’m old and gnarly and forget how to tie my shoelaces some of them will remind me that I had done stuff.

Most of that can’t be done by me alone. You all have to share in my offering, and comment and criticise and laugh with me (or at me). If you have a Flickr account, go find me. If you want a photographic challenge, the one-a-day of Blipfoto isn’t all that arduous. And if you just want to look at pretty things, don’t look at the selfies…

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