Nineteen Eighty Four (aka 2017)

There’s a phrase that’s often mooted
“Not my monkeys not my circus”
When we want to tell each other
That it’s nowt to do with us

But events are now unfolding
With enormous implication
In the USA and Britain
Truth is killed without a fuss

We might laugh at North Korea
Scoff at news from Kim Jong-Un
But the leaders of our Free World
Know we know their “truths” are wrong

Call it Orwellian “New Speak”
Or “Alternate Facts” – It’s Lies
Call it Mis-speaking or Falsehood
Re-write Truth, the real world Dies

Old Iolo had a saying
He said “Truth against the World”
You can tell us black is orange
We will stand with flag unfurled

When the Spokesman for the Whitehouse
treats the Truth with bare contempt
When the Minister of Britain
Scoffs at questions on events

We will call you out for lying
We will march with banners high
You won’t get away with fiction
We will not believe the lie.

Meh. Not entirely happy with this – I drop a syllable in the second line after a verse or two. I may come back to it or I’ll more likely not, but it fell out of my fingers so I’ll keep it here. I’m simply bewildered by current world events, and the more people tell me to “get over it” the more insurmountable it becomes. When blatant lies are told by the new President of the United States and his Press Secretary, and Mad May filibusters her way through an important question posed on a live news programme, when more people vote one way and the other side win, when lies and misrepresentation cause voters to make an awful, catastrophic error of judgement… something’s going to pop, and soon, and in dramatic fashion. We live in interesting times. Oh, and Iolo? He was a liar too, really. But in reinventing medieval Druid manuscripts he built the foundation of modern Druidry. I’m not sure right now if that makes it alright or if it means the very path I walk is a falsehood… So, again, meh.

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