Open Letter to Barratt Homes

Open letter to Barratt Homes following the community event of 29th November.


  1. As a resident of Newtown in Charfield I am not unaware of the disingenuous way in which you have avoided showing Newtown on your plans for the land at Warner’s Court. To clarify for you, I have superimposed your sketch onto a Google map of the area. You will see that Newtown is there after all.
  2. Access into and particularly egress from Newtown is already hazardous, with limited view from the western approach, and now you propose to further endanger the residents of the ten houses in Newtown by adding a junction, a crossing point with inevitable street furniture, and cross hatching with raised kerbs and bollards.
  3. The junction into the Warner’s Court land further exacerbates a hazardous area, being at the western end of a blind curve, hump back railway bridge with an additional and relatively heavily utilised road junction, where HGV collisions have already involved at least one fatality in recent years.
  4. I would ask that you write back to me, copying in the Clerk to the Parish Council and the local Ward Councillor (also cc’d into this email), advising how you intend to address these safety considerations. Would you please do so before making your Outline Planning Application.
  5. In a personal capacity, I would respectfully suggest you do not have a safe means of access onto the Warner’s Court land, for an estate of more than a hundred and twenty homes (with a reasonable expectation of two hundred plus vehicle movements at that junction during peak morning and evening times).
  6. Again in a personal capacity and in order to assist without prejudice of later objection, it would appear the single option available is from the adjacent Permitted but not yet begun Day House Lease site, and you clearly have very little time to secure this right before construction commences.

Mark /| Rosher

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