Top Trumps

It is unutterably sad to me that our leaders show such disregard for those they purport to lead that they feel able to walk roughshod over the most common of decencies. Once, when politicians were found to be corrupt, in deeds or in life style, they backed away from public life and hid, in the hope of at least a quiet existence. Now, they simply shrug it off and walk pridefully into ever brighter media spotlights. Even Nixon blushed.

So, in the light of the latest of a string of unbelievable yet substantiated news items, this came out:

Top Trumps

I grabbed her by the fanny and I shook her back and fore
I told her she was stupid and I called the girl a whore
And some of you protested, said I’d gone beyond the pale
Ah shove it, I responded, I’m just being Alpha Male

I have to denigrate them and I have to treat them foul
I can’t afford to show I’m weak, I’d have to throw the towel
My car extends my manhood, hear the engine roar and wail
It compensates a little for my little Alpha Male

Of course I should be leader, I’m the rightful man in charge
The other Alpha Males agree, just listen to Farage
I’ve got you by the curlies, it’s that bitch or me you’ll hail
The whole damned game’s designed to keep in power, Alpha Male

(featured image borrowed from @toonDonaldTrump)

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