Three Years On, the Call Continues

I don’t know if anyone realised the power that was to be unleashed three years ago today, on September 28th 2013. A ritual dance of elementals. A stirring call to if not arms then to the cauldron, the altar and the otherworlds. A chance meeting of 300 interested folk who raised the energies that became The Warrior’s Call to banish Fracking, from England, and from Britain, and from the very planet!

twc2013A lot of lives were changed that day and, if not entirely halted, the fracking industry in the UK has been seriously set back from where it would otherwise have been. I’m glad beyond glad I was there, at what has become known as the largest magical working ever on the planet.

I think most of all I celebrated earlier this year when the preliminary works at Upton near Chester were unexpectedly curtailed. One of my long time friends owns a house very close to that site, and the ritual at Glastonbury on that 2013 Saturday afternoon certainly crafted commitment that energised Frack-Off Upton.

Warriors-Sigil-300x300I see the Sigil presented at that inaugural ritual all over the place, at the most “normal” of events. I even saw it tattooed on the shoulder of someone at a Local Authority meeting! I’m not one for tattoos but the commitment of those who wear the sigil forever is inspiring.

The magic is called again through group ritual next month, in a new guise – Voices on the Wind will happen everywhere, where you are wherever you are , if you choose, on Saturday 15th October.

Some say Fracking has lost its energy, and we can only hope. But if that depletion is only temporary because of market prices and a glut of fossil fuel then the danger to our landscape, and to the very water we rely on, remains. I’ll listen for yours, as I add my Voice to the Wind.

One response to “Three Years On, the Call Continues”

  1. That was an amazing magical day with an ever- growing energy. I am proud to be part of this and grateful to those who instigated The Warriors Call. I shall be adding my voice to the wind next month.


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