Distinguished Gentleman?

2016-09-25-069Just back from today’s Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride in Bristol. I was woken in the middle of the night by the noise of a torrential downpour, and when I woke up early in the morning it was still plummeting down. Oh, I thought… well… I’ve kind of got to do this, because so many lovely kind people have sponsored me.

Over a hasty cup of tea I pondered foul weather gear, and maybe the dryzabone riding coat would look kind of gentlemanly… ish. But I raised my cup of brown to the gods and whispered a silent plea. Who knows if anyone heard, but the rain drifted into a gentle patter then stopped.

The route of the Bristol Ride was altered because someone forgot there was a half-marathon in the city at the same time. We left from Dick Lovett’s (BMW dealership at Cribbs Causeway) and thundered through Westbury and down Whiteladies Road and Park Row, thence to the Bear Pit and the M32 to the Pack Horse 1% pub at Lawrence Hill. I don’t yet know how many bikes attended the Bristol Ride but I would estimate between fifty and a hundred. Parking at the pub was… interesting. I’m holding that beer for someone else, by the way!

Bacon and sausage rolls ensured, and then home, riding up behind the eldest on her way to a wedding fair! Just over a year away… All this two-wheeled shirt and tie nonsense was in aid of fund-raising for research into prostate cancer and male suicide, and you lovely folk put £175 into the pot, for which my humble thanks. It stayed dry almost all the way home, and the harsh splatter of rain in the face on the M4 was a tolerable reminder to thank the gods that be for their forbearance… 😉

Few more pictures here : https://flic.kr/s/aHskKdpbiU

One response to “Distinguished Gentleman?”

  1. Glad wether dried up for you all ,Iam sure you are holding that for someone else xx


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