European Health Insurance Card

One of those things you don’t really think about, until you start to wonder if post-Brexit we will all need to take out additional medical insurance… The European Health Insurance Card or EHIC replaced the old E111 (but who knew?), and it was only when we nipped off to France earlier this summer that I realised both of ours had expired in 2011… they expire, who knew? I wonder what would have happened if we’d needed help?

So I sat down today to renew both our cards, which is still free to do, for now. Google offered me a long rambling NHS URL or a nice simple address. Obviously I went for the simple one. Well that one isn’t as much fun, or as free… after registration (which will probably fill my in-tray and snail mail with more spam) I was asked for £35. Happily I decided the long rambling NHS URL was probably a better bet, but I thought I’d drop this here.

Have you checked your EHIC expiry? 🙂

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