Broke It

mad-in-britain-new-logoBritain has spoken, and it’s clear message is… We can’t actually make our mind up. And so we will do the stupid thing, because that’s the zeitgeist (can we still borrow euro-words?).

BUT. We’ve voted to do something silly; we haven’t declared war. We haven’t decided to send our children off to foreign lands to be cut down by machine gun, or blown apart by bombs. That happens elsewhere still, and people wake to that terror every morning. We’re not in that awful place, and it‘s as well to remember that. There are comments on my social media timelines about anxiety and panic and pills, and we don’t need to be in that place either.

Tomorrow the Sun rises again, and sets again, over Britain and all the world. Empires will rise and crumble, and eventually the planet will burn up in the death throes of our star. Peace, and love, prevail. Because right now, we need some of that.

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