Virgin is screwed.

Back in February Janet and I went off to Milan for a week, and before I left I made sure I set all my iPhone and VirginMobile settings for global roaming. On arrival I texted an order for local broadband, and got a text back saying I was all good to go. It wouldn’t be much of a blog post if everything had worked as designed, and it didn’t – I had no data and better, I wasn’t able to make a call either (despite having full signal and 3G on the screen).

When I got back I phoned support and they refunded my data pack costs and promised they had cleared the problem. End of. Until of course last week and Dubrovnik.

2016.05.15 0752016.05.15 074

I had a series of helpful tweets with @virginmedia but to no avail apart from suggesting I phoned a number. Duh. But ok, I had wifi mostly, I was fine.

First world problems I know, but really. On my return I phoned the helpline and twice went through the options and got secondary ring tone for a minute or so… then the call was dropped, and I’m still working on that.

I think it’s time for a new provider. /rant

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