Ok, I’m back

Tell the truth, you never knew I’d gone, did you? The new cheaper but effectively identical WordPress based blog cum vanity site is back. I’ve decided to go for a darker more monochrome look, and further changes will accentuate the move towards a more text based site, with a view to writing a bit more. All my photography is published elsewhere now, either on Blipfoto (a picture a day journal which also doubles as my ‘dear diary’ blog) or on Flickr. Facething seems to have obliterated much of the online social interaction that once took place online and is now mostly adverts, but I remain an addict. Twitter gets a look in, but mostly I’m either busy doing stuff or doing stuff busily.

Charlotte is running a marathon next week, and I’ve spammed that all over the place because she’s running on behalf of PKD Charity (and has already raised over £600). PKD, or polycystic kidney disease, has taken its toll on Charlie’s family and we’re currently working through a timeline with Janet, so every penny she raises offers us hope.

Because of this disease, Janet and my time is precious and spent travelling and having fun. This inevitably means opportunity for other things is adversely affected and I’m soon going to have to look at the amount of voluntary work I do. Much as I love it, it has expanded, post-retirement, to practically fill the time available to do it (Parkinson’s Law). Time will tell as to how I manage to balance the various demands on my time and whether I manage to keep all the balls in the air. That’s not helped, of course, by the unexpected need to hire a new parish clerk, or the additional work of a new neighbourhood plan.

So this blog may change. I really don’t want to keep writing rants, which I seem to have been rather fond of. I want to write more stories, more poetry and more positive yet relevant wibble. I wonder if I’ll manage that?

One response to “Ok, I’m back”

  1. A thumbs up to more poetry and stories.


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