The future of Blogs

I don’t tend to blog here much now. I’d probably like to but I don’t have the time and perhaps I don’t always want to speak to the whole world at once on some subjects. I write this now because my hosting renewal is due and I’m probably going to downsize this site and spend the money I save on beer… ok, not all of it, perhaps. So this is a heads-up, if and go offline for a time, the site be back in some form at some stage. The email addresses will remain as I’m keeping the domain names whatever happens.

pkd-logoIn case you don’t know – because of course I’ve not blogged about it – Charlotte is running her first full marathon in Manchester in April. She’s decided to raise money for the Polycystic Kidney Disease charity, for her mum and her late grandmother. You can support Charlotte by going to JustGiving, here.

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