Checking the costs

Just had the six monthly gas and electricity bills in, and it’s an opportunity to compare usage now with pre-solar.

Back in 2013, I calculated our consumption as 6300kWh for electricity and 15000kWh for gas. In 2013 that equated to about £1600 per annum in total.

With these bills I am shown that we are still consuming rather a lot of energy (taking into account the pond and aquarium pumps run 24/7 and the amount of IT and media equipment), but we are now consuming 4300kWh of electricity and 8200kWh of gas with an overall cost at today’s prices of £1000.

The solar FIT and Export Tariff I am on has currently paid back just over £1200 and we’re close enough to two years in to use that figure of £600 per year earned. Along with £600 per year saved on energy costs that’s £1200 per year the solar installation has provided to the household.

Basically all this confirms earlier predictions that the payback for us of the overall £6250 solar installation is just over five years.

It’s absurd that this government has effectively obliterated both the opportunity for new domestic generation and the entire domestic solar industry, If there are 25 million homes in Britain and half of them could take a solar installation and reduce their energy consumption by 10MWh we’d need far fewer fossil fuel power stations.

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