To my MP on the Fox Hunting vote

Hi Luke

887568_10152834355525566_7739850876673904752_oI know as a generational member of the farming community you’ll probably view foxes as pests. I’m not going to contend that, my chickens probably agree! However, the culture of fox hunting needs to be permanently culled. Pest controllers do not usually take great pleasure in dressing up, and parading around before allowing the pest to be ritually torn to pieces. They almost certainly do not celebrate pest control by wiping the blood and entrails across the brows of their children. They treat their job as any professional should. Dogs that have been taught from birth to chase and destroy foxes cannot be retrained to follow a scent. Fox hunt packs should be retired from use, and if dogs are required to drive foxes out – an idea I dispute – they should be trained to do so from birth; i.e. new packs raised and trained and tested before licensing as pest control animals. I hope you’ll see I am coming from this not as an animal activist but as a rational human being, and I trust that as my MP you will likewise vote to retain the “Hunting Act” until and unless a more reasonable option is presented to Parliament. In truth /|

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