Bravo Lancashire

  I can’t really articulate how pleased I was to hear that Lancashire County Councillors were brave enough to stand up to Quadrilla and vote to refuse permission to Frack at Little Plumpton. 

No matter that I consume fossil fuels more than I ought. And even ignoring that we cannot afford to extract the fossil fuel we already know about, much less what we might find by exploding the ground upon which we live. We perch precariously on our little island, above our water tables, and we all know we can’t drink oil.

It was a tight decision, made in the face of a corporate entity with far greater resources than the council. It’s a brave thing to vote no, when no may bring a High Court case with the potential for consequent costs. So, bravo, Lancashire.

But only last week the EU deferred a vote on TTIP… and it may yet agree to establish this corporate control over the common wealth. If TTIP were to be passed, Quadrilla would clearly have a solid case for massive compensation. To allow the human population of a country, or of countries, to be held to ransom by corporate entities is madness.

In my mind I hear the old meme, “I for one welcome our alien overlords.” (Where did that quite originate? Some fifties sci-fi B movie? But it holds some degree of truth, should TTIP become fact. Just pondering…

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