Sexual Initiation

sex is Magick, sex is ace
sex can take you to another place
and I can too so cum with me
just lie down here be neath this tree
and don’t be frightened be assured
you’ll be Enlightened, on my word
I know some folk will tell you no
they have already? told you so
hey don’t get up! don’t walk away!
this offer only stands today!
there’s plenty more of you out there
I’ve so much magic still to share…
oh bugger, there’s another lass
who got away, saw through my pass.
my predatory plan’s gone sour.
I must be losing all my power.

A doggerel for today, for no reason except to note that a lot of pagan sexual initiation rites usually resolve down to power games and vulnerability rather than transformative magic (however you Spell it). Part of magical ritual is knowing why you are doing something, and nearly everything (ok, everything) is about relationship. It’s all connected, just not solely at the groin.

7 responses to “Sexual Initiation”

  1. Slightly worried about the “there is lots of talk going round about…”
    type posts I’ve seen lately, is there any fact behind the rumours?
    And if so, shouldn’t we be doing more than stirring the rumour mill and causing more fear and worry?


    1. Don’t get jumpy about a piece of doggerel. I have no idea of there are specific rumours or any truths therein, if I did it would result in more than rhyming couplets. I just saw something the other day that made the words fall out of my fingers.


  2. I think I saw the same piece that inspired you, it’s just so easy to hide behind a “I”ve been hearing rumours” prefix to make a point, when it often transpires the “rumour”is nothing more than a convenient way of prefacing the writers bugbear, otherwise, if there is truth in the rumours, one hopes the writers conscience never has the need to be troubled by the thoughts of “i wish I had done something other than be sanctimonious in a blog”


  3. Meh. I just looked and you aren’t a member of the place hosting the piece I was inspired by. In fact, neither is the person I believe you’re referring to. Perhaps there’s just a lot of it around. :-/


  4. Forgive me, maybe I just overreact to sexual coercion being treated in such a flippant manner when there are allegations…sorry…..rumours of it actually happening within the pagan community


  5. Flippancy? Not really, but clearly I’ve failed my intent and I’m sorry if you’ve taken offence. Rather than write a lengthy treatise that few would read, I set out to make a set of rhyming couplets that opened the scene, walked you though the ploys and with a fortunate outcome ended showing how nasty and pathetic the predator was. In truth the title of the post has attracted more than my normal single figure readership, and hopefully my words settled into a few minds, some of whom might even meet such a person. But YMMV.


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