Sometimes you can’t win.

Last week, at the finale of the Public Inquiry into the development appeal here in Charfield, the Charfield Parish Council web site went down on me. Coincidental with an upgrade of MySQL at the hosting company, it’s not possible to point the finger but, well. Unfortunately I couldn’t fix things and only made it worse as I tried.

I lodged a support call via the online ticket route, and that ping longed back and forth about the viability of my WordPress installation and the plugins I was using and whether they were up to date (they were), but nothing seemed to be happening. I then entered into a one hour long ipchat with their live support and a lovely fellow called Bryan H. went and deleted the butchered site and installed a lovely new vanilla WordPress for me.

Feeling gently encouraged – I was thinking of redesigning the site anyway – I went for a coffee and then a long walk. When I came back I found a happy email from the ticket support folk saying they’d restored my site. Sadly, they’d restored the site that didn’t work, and which was the source of the support ticket in the first place.

I’m too busy to drive this forward at the moment, the Parish Council will have to wait a while as I trawl through other higher priority work. But… sigh… sometimes, you just can’t win.

2 responses to “Sometimes you can’t win.”

  1. how does it go? To err is human, to really mess something up requires a computer…


  2. And, in reduced form, we are back! The support tech removed his restoration and re-installed a basic WordPress blog for me. I’m currently running on the standard TwentyFifteen theme until I have time to fettle it. But for now, we are back on the air.


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